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JP-H0322498-A: Method and apparatus for detecting position of guide hole of multilayer printed circuit board patent, JP-H0322980-A: Production of tryptophanase patent, JP-H03230278-A: Preparing method for graphic data and design supporting device patent, JP-H03231114-A: Measuring apparatus patent, JP-H03231548-A: Communication control system for terminal equipment patent, JP-H03231616-A: Rice cooker patent, JP-H03233352-A: Inspecting method for spot weld zone patent, JP-H03233423-A: Lens supporting structure for scanning optical system patent, JP-H03233626-A: Image attribute matching system in facsimile data output patent, JP-H03234026-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H03234787-A: Photochromic material patent, JP-H03235120-A: One byte/two byte code converting/processing system patent, JP-H03236477-A: Partial electroless-plating method, electro-optical device and its production patent, JP-H03236662-A: Abbreviated dial data management system patent, JP-H0323710-A: Delay circuit patent, JP-H03237750-A: Lead frame for semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H03237952-A: Vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H03238957-A: Telephone exchange system having incoming subscriber state check function by caller station patent, JP-H03240750-A: Production of high-purity naphthalenecarboxylic acid patent, JP-H03240824-A: Japanese word data input system patent, JP-H0324185-A: Whisker-covered diamond and preparation thereof patent, JP-H03242687-A: Plant monitor device patent, JP-H03243529-A: Trans-mounting device patent, JP-H03244670-A: Reactive dye composition and method of dyeing or printing fibrous material by using it patent, JP-H03245281-A: Dynamic scheduling system for data drive type processor patent, JP-H03247543-A: Limewash-reducing agent and production of centrifugally molded product using same patent, JP-H03247919-A: Heater changing-over device for oven range patent, JP-H03248197-A: Voice synthesizing device patent, JP-H03248417-A: Reduced pressure epitaxial growth patent, JP-H03249674-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H03249815-A: Radio receiver patent, JP-H03250155-A: Assembly method for iron plate mold frame patent, JP-H03250239-A: System for communicating data between processors patent, JP-H03250510-A: Manufacturing device of interlocked armor for flat cable patent, JP-H0325212-A: Gas explosion preventing device patent, JP-H03252412-A: Thermosetting polyamide and composition thereof patent, JP-H03252482-A: Method for partially removing tacky sheet patent, JP-H03252646-A: Data imprinting device for camera patent, JP-H03253595-A: Surface treatment of aluminum material patent, JP-H0325371-A: Rod sensor for measuring r.p.m. patent, JP-H03254812-A: Apparatus for adsorbing and desorbing treatment of organic solvent-containing gas patent, JP-H0325606-A: Automatic layout adjusting device for terminal equipment patent, JP-H03256659-A: Chamfering method for cylinder port for two-cycle engine patent, JP-H03256685-A: Bottle grasping device patent, JP-H03256773-A: Printing position control system of printer patent, JP-H03257856-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H03258050-A: Confidential data transfer system patent, JP-H03258270-A: High frequency thermotherapy apparatus patent, JP-H03259575-A: Diamond light-emitting element and el light-emitting element patent, JP-H0326038-A: System for switching atm switch patent, JP-H03261595-A: Folding card patent, JP-H03261675-A: Method for dry coating of mold release agent patent, JP-H03262492-A: Production of monoglyceride patent, JP-H03263383-A: Magnetoresistance element patent, JP-H03264287-A: Suction type pick up device patent, JP-H03264457-A: Bill stacker for cash processor patent, JP-H03264496-A: X type outrigger device patent, JP-H0326457-A: Machining unit for work piece of special form patent, JP-H03264786-A: Liquid pump patent, JP-H03265166-A: Semiconductor device having iil patent, JP-H03266407-A: Film capacitor patent, JP-H03266489-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-H03266780-A: Rubber crawling belt of crawling vehicle patent, JP-H03267092-A: Data file name-indicating method for automatically embroidering machine patent, JP-H03267432-A: Erection of building frames patent, JP-H0326753-A: Polycarbonate molding compound patent, JP-H0326894-A: Oil rotary vacuum pump patent, JP-H03268987-A: Page printer patent, JP-H0326987-A: Power supply apparatus of light emitting hand of clock patent, JP-H03269896-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-H0327025-A: Active matrix substrate for liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H03270285-A: Surface emitting type semiconductor laser patent, JP-H03270456-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-H03271343-A: Rolling member patent, JP-H03271434-A: Flow control device patent, JP-H03272220-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H03273537-A: Information recording medium and method for optical information recording patent, JP-H03273636-A: Manufacturing apparatus of semiconductor device patent, JP-H03274635-A: Manufacture of directly heated cathode patent, JP-H03275147-A: Production of catalyst carrier patent, JP-H03275196-A: Nitrous acid type nitrifying and denitrifying treatment device patent, JP-H0327527-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H03275302-A: Classification device for lumbering patent, JP-H03275309-A: Manufacture of ceramic honeycomb structure patent, JP-H03275914-A: Gas foam generation preventing device for engine oil patent, JP-H03275928-A: Exhaust tube cooling device for outboard motor patent, JP-H03276307-A: Teaching play-back system robot controller patent, JP-H03276795-A: Multilayer laminated board and its manufacture patent, JP-H03277205-A: New powdery drying agent drying grain or seed and method for using same patent, JP-H03277869-A: Bellows-shaped boot patent, JP-H03278660-A: Remote subscriber line test system patent, JP-H03278822-A: Dialyzing membrane and production thereof patent, JP-H03279421-A: Production of alumina-based short fiber patent, JP-H03280457-A: Manufacture of ceramic wiring board patent, JP-H03281416-A: Control device for car suspension patent, JP-H03282024-A: Magnet particle type clutch patent, JP-H03282112-A: Drive method for fuel flow rate regulating valve for hot water feeder patent, JP-H03282421-A: Image pattern controller patent, JP-H0328279-A: Oil-base ballpoint ink patent, JP-H03282834-A: Trace information output system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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